Teacher Voice – Episode 2


This week’s Teacher Voice podcast is a full-length interview with Josephine Amato, the director of the Safe Bus For Us parent advocacy group. As last week has shown, safe school bus transportation for children living within two miles has become a contentious issue, especially in light of the traffic jams and challenges for local businesses that the additional cars and student walkers on the road have caused.

Please listen and share with others who are concerned.

***Disclaimer*** After we recorded the podcast, Mrs. Amato realized there were two mistakes in statistics she used: 1) a child is struck walking to school every 3 minutes (not seconds); 2) children who are 13 and over (not under).

1 Comment

  1. It’s very unfortunate that after seeing this things happen they still expect children whom live 2miles from the school to walk to and from school.. some of these roads don’t even have sidewalks, some of these children have no ways of transportation, some of these areas have sexual predators and so many crashes occur constantly. And for transportation it’s still not a big deal. But when something happens they never look back to see what could the school district have done to avoid such incident…


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