Bargaining between HCPS and HCTA has not gone well…

Negotiations between Hillsborough County Public Schools and Hillsborough Classroom Teachers Association have stalled. Yesterday, as many readers will know, concluded with the district stating that they “could not responsibly give raises to their employees.”

I hope that the district leadership realizes the economic ramifications that will ensue, especially in light of so many employees not receiving the raises that are contractually owed.

It was nearly one year ago that I wrote an open letter to Superintendent Eakins, his Chief of Staff, Alberto Vazquez-Matos, as well as Stephanie Woodford and Mark West. The only other people who saw that letter were Jean Clements and Stephanie Baxter-Jenkins, President and Executive Director of HCTA, respectively. I am publishing it today for all to read, mainly because I feel the economic arguments contained within still hold much merit.

Eakins et al Open Letter (click the link to open)

Yet even worse than the economic ramifications will be the decimation of morale among employees. We signed these contracts in good faith. Why are they not being honored?

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  1. Our pay is already ridiculously low in comparison to other professions. We were promised these salaries/step raises in lieu of stipends for higher level positions requiring masters level degrees then they pull this nonsense?! Try raising 2 teens and putting them through college with a 2 educator family income! This must be fixed.


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