Teacher Voice – Episode 11

Hillsborough County School Board Whistleblower

If nothing else, I am a persistent person. When I get an idea in my head or set a specific goal, I can become doggedly determined until I accomplish what I set out to do.

On July 10th, about two weeks after I started the Teacher Voice project, I emailed Mike Schmoronoff*, the publisher of the Hillsborough County School Board Whistleblower Facebook page and asked if he would be willing to do an interview. He politely declined. Multiple times, in fact. But I kept asking every four or five weeks, and he finally relented provided I could preserve anonymity and he could listen to the podcast prior to it being published on Teacher Voice.

We covered a lot of ground in just under seventeen minutes. Please listen and share with other interested education stakeholders in Hillsborough County and beyond.

Thanks for listening, everyone, and have a wonderful week!

* NB – “Mike Schmoronoff” is a pseudonym used by the WB page, not the person’s actual name. Again, the conditions for me doing the interview called for strict anonymity.


  1. If this is anonymous why did you name someone? Even if he isn’t the actual whistle blower you have shown he intact knows who it is?


    1. The name I gave, “Mike Schmoronoff,” is a pseudonym used by the Whistleblower page, so I wasn’t revealing anyone’s identity. And from what he said while we spoke on the phone, there is a team of people at this point and he is just the person who started the page and oversees most of it. But the research, public records requests, etc, all pour in from various people who are helping keep them honest.


  2. I certainly hope the “publisher” is not the person being interviewed, or that the name you posted above is a pseudonym, or his anonymity has been destroyed fairly easily.


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