Teacher Voice – Episode 42

Rob Brown (left), Art Roberts (center), Me (right): three nerds who love literature and teaching.

To use the current lingo of the kids, this episode of the Teacher Voice podcast is LIT! Considering this is episode “42”, I knew I wanted to sit down with my great friends, Art and Rob, who are English teachers at my school. We talk about why we love literature, its value in today’s day and age, as well as some of our favorite authors and poets. Please listen and share with other teachers or fans of literature in general.

Thanks again for listening, everyone, and have a great week!

P.S. – Here’s the article from The Atlantic I reference in the event it piqued your interest: “Why I Teach Plato to Plumbers”

And here’s the brief clip with Jack Ma, CEO of Alibaba, about how and why we must change our education system to focus on what makes us uniquely human:


  1. Mr. Haczynski:
    I have been an off-and-on follower since my daughter told me who Teacher Voice is. I have just finished listening to your most recent podcat and I want to congratulate you, Art, and Rob on making an important statement.

    In another life I was an English teacher and worked at a vocational high school. Many conversations ensued, as you can imagine. I do strongly believe in vocational education but I also believe a welder can and should understand poetry.

    In yet another life I was an IB high school principal. I have been intrigued by courses like TOK and Inquiry Skills and I was fascinated with IB kids. I cannot say enough about the IB English faculty at HHS.

    I am currently more social and political than cultural in my daily efforts, focusing on the financial drain on public schools by charters and on the outrageous goings-on in DC.

    Anyway, hi to Rob and keep up the great work!

    Bill Orr


    1. Thanks for the support, Bill! I will be sure to pass along your hello to Rob, and I hope you continue to keep up the good fight on behalf of public education, our students, and their future.


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