Teacher Voice – Special Edition Friday Five: A Good Old Fashioned Rant

What Every Florida Legislator Should Feel For Letting It Get This Bad…

Dear Fellow Floridian:

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*Correction* – in 2014 there were three A-rated districts (not four); the 800% increase has resulted in 24 “A-rated” districts currently in 2019.

P.S. – Don’t forger to download, display and share your #InfographicOfShame!4544F7E3-3701-41B7-A509-9F2CD4445295

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  1. Like with voting there was a time when voter turnout was the problem. Today it is the turnout of uninformed individuals told what to think and don’t question anything…propagandist news, social media, etc. Florida is unique in some ways but our legislators what us to think we are so far outside the norm they need to constantly reinvent everything from education to capitalism. As an example, Enterprise Florida spends an exorbitant amount of money to attract industry. If you look around the country at these “giveaways” that are nothing more than corporate welfare with no claw backs to hold companies accountable for job creation, you will realize in some instances states are paying tens of thousands of dollars for a SINGLE job. The companies pay little or no corporate tax and the citizens are promised more and more tax cuts. Education is on the verge of becoming an unfunded mandate and at the rate we’re going we will have to take our own trash to the dump since no tax dollars will exist to pay for the most basic government services. I had a professor, also the dean of the college who said, “We were state funded, then we were state supported, and now we are state LOCATED.” He was a wise man.

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