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Lori Nadglowski, CFP, MBA, Founder of Laurel Wealth Management

This week’s podcast is a discussion about financial literacy with Lori Nadglowski. After reading about Lori’s seminar for students that she offered locally, I knew that this would be a worthwhile conversation to record for students, parents, or teachers who are interested in helping kids prepare for life beyond high school graduation.

As one of our local Hillsborough County school board members, April Griffin, recently learned while being a substitute teacher, students desperately want to learn more about how to be an adult and navigate everyday life. As adults, it is our responsibility to share the lessons we’ve learned in our own lives with the next generation. If you enjoy the podcast, please share with others so that they too may gain some insight for themselves or their children.

If you’d like to learn more about Lori, her services at Laurel Wealth Management, or read some of her own blog pieces on financial topics, please CLICK HERE.

Have a great week, everyone!